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David Van der Wal
David Van der Wal
David Van der Wal at the Musicians Hall of Fame

David Van der Wal is a singer/songwriter and plays ukulele, guitar, bass guitar, and recorder. 

David grew up in Texas and has lived on both coasts. His introduction to music performance occurred at age eleven when he played drums with a band (or “combo” as they were called back then) of fellow fifth-graders at a local music store’s talent night.  As the years went by, David’s bass guitar and effortless harmonizing vocal abilities came to the fore. 

In 1976, David, as bass guitarist, formed the band Circumstance with his best friend and vocal meister extraordinaire, Steve Leach, and guitarist Steve Garoutte. Based in Dallas, Texas, Circumstance enjoyed a long run of full-time gigs, playing in night spots across the Southwest.

Subsequent Dallas projects include The Dal-Tones (a four-part vocal group) and The Gentlemen’s Club, which featured tight vocals on covers of The Beach Boys, The Four Freshmen, The Four Seasons, and similar groups, all laced together with improv comedy throughout the show.

While living in NYC, David was producer, musical director, vocalist, and ukulelist of an eclectic music group, the Shameless Jam Band, which played at an annual street fair event three years running.

David is also a visual artist, specializing in abstract ink works on paper. See some of his pieces at Studio Van der Wal.

David’s proudest achievement is being Connie’s husband and having her as his life partner forever. 

While on a plane from NYC to Nashville, David was writing the finishing touches on the original version of “Tell Me What It Is” as a Valentine’s Day gift for Connie. Rick Springfield ("Jessie's Girl" 1981) was on the flight—“Good luck with that!” he said.  The song was completed by touchdown at BNA. “Never thought I’d stop my roamin’ around, but flirty-skirt girl you got me settlin’ down.” Thirty-nine years and counting!

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David Van der Wal
David Van der Wal and Connie Nelson at Lester Flatt Day in Sparta, TN
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