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Welcome to our Music Room!

Studio work, live performance, and rehearsal time.

from the studio

"Where I'd Like To Go"


Another Morning performs this

"getting back to your roots" song

written by David Hodges and Cris Moore

"Tell Me What It Is"


Written by Another Morning's David Van der Wal as a Valentine's Day gift for his wife, our Connie!

"Another Morning"

Hear the song that gave us our name! Written by our own Cris Moore.

on a lighter note

"The Call"

Another Morning's Cris Moore takes the lead vocal and guitar on his latest love song with classic background vocals by Connie and David (uke and bass). 

"Moonshiner Stomp"

Here's how to make up a batch!

Written by Another Morning's Connie Nelson and David Van der Wal.

on stage

Pure Prairie League's



This short video was shot at Nadeen's Hermitage Haven by an audience member.  (thanks, Jim!

Connie is featured on lead vocals on

"Making Believe"

written by Jimmy Work

“Steamroller Blues”

featuring Cris' smokin' guitar licks!



Live at the Jackalope Brewing Company.

Enjoy this tasty clip contributed by an audience member. (Thanks, Rachel!)

sitting in

"Hickory Wind"


Another Morning's Connie Nelson sat in with Roland White and friends at Homegrown Taproom & Marketplace (Nashville).

Listen as we join in during the guitar solo. 

"Tennessee Waltz"


Connie again with Roland White and friends at Homegrown Taproom & Marketplace (Nashville) on this Tennessee classic.

rehearsal time

"Heart's Desire" and "Tender Moment"

Another Morning's Cris Moore is co-writer on these #1 country hits recorded by Lee Roy Parnell.

Enjoy this sample by Another Morning!

Another Morning runs through

"Imagine That"

written by Kieran Kane, Jamie O'Hara

"Cover Me Up"

Listen in as Another Morning runs through Jason Isbell's ballad.

"Seven Bridges Road"

Another Morning runs through "Seven Bridges Road" written by Stephen T. Young.

"Don't Dream It's Over"

Connie takes the lead as Another Morning rehearses this Crowded House hit.

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